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Debra C.
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I am so glad there are companies like Culligan! We moved to an area that has very hard water, not to mention, a state with sketchy environmental compliance. But I am not worried because when I drink our water or bathe in it I feel a greater level of confidence because of Culligan. I know our water is clean and that it is safe. This is a very good company.

Alex Z.
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Culligan Water Conditioning provides excellent customer service and their products are among the best on the market! I had a great experience with them as a customer. Highly recommend!

Scott R.
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Knowledgeable and friendly sales and service. Quick process overall, really doesn’t take very long to install. System is not intrusive, fits nicely near water intake and noticeable difference already in just using it for a week.


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What Are The Best Water Treatment Solutions For Philadelphia?

With this combination of water resources, Philadelphia water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues:

Surface water, like rivers and snow melt, absorb contaminants that can be harmful for consumption as well as annoying around the home. Most of these contaminants include naturally occurring bio materials and minerals. This means water quality can worsen seasonally when warming temperatures contribute to algal blooms, or heighten water sensitivity to microorganism growth.

Ground water presents its own treatment challenges and filtration issues, so Philadelphia residents with primarily ground water service may see different water problems than those using water from Philadelphia’s surface water sources. Most often, these manifest as hard water problems which cause buildup on faucets and fixtures, and can be hard on appliances and plumbing.

Water is not only one of life’s necessities, but it is the key to a healthy life and a happy home. Culligan of Philadelphia is here to help make sure your water is safe for you and your family, no matter what.

With a wide array of products including whole home water filters, water softeners, and drinking water solutions; it is easier than ever to bring safe, great tasting, high quality water to your home.

Depending on where you live in the greater Philadelphia or surrounding areas, your water primarily comes from the Deleware and Schuylkill rivers.  The contaminants sometimes found in local water systems can be the source of problematic water concerns. Since they are surface water sources, they tend to be more easily susceptible to contamination by nature.  Combining those contaminants with aging plumbing and infrastructure can intensify your water problems.

Water Treatment Solutions Near Philadelphia

Whether you’re Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, or Philadelphia, PA, Culligan of Philadelphia can help you get the best water your area has to offer. Culligan of Philadelphia has been owned and operated by the same family, meaning that you can count on quality and consistency in your Culligan service.  Because of our experience in the water filtration business, along with first-hand knowledge of local water problems, we will find the best solution for your water and budget.