Culligan® Aqua-Cleer® Reverse Osmosis System

Culligan Water of Philadelphia

Reverse Osmosis is More Than Just a Product in Your Philadelphia/South Jersey Home – Unmatched Customer Service and Expertise

For little to no money down, you can have a bottled water company under your sink. With more than 80 years of knowledge and experience, along with the best customer service and a comprehensive warranty, you won’t need to worry about the foul smell, bad taste, and harmful elements that pass through your municipal pipes or well.

Don’t settle for a transactional approach like you are purchasing a refrigerator at a big box retailer. Your water is more precious than that. Go with the water experts. Rental, lease and finance options are available.

The Culligan® Aqua-Cleer® Features a design to fit under almost any kitchen sink, and designer faucets to match your style. Additionally, the new Culligan ClearLink Pro™ eliminates the need to drill countertops. Learn more here!


Benefits of Choosing Culligan®

Culligan® Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System

  • Removes bad taste and odor from municipal tap or well water.
  • Reduces acidic impurities and balances pH levels.
  • Provides advanced filtration for water problems such as lead, chlorine, radium, hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) and arsenic*.
  • Fluoride and iron removal.
  • Saves money, environmental waste and frees up refrigerator space compared to buying single-serve bottles from the store.
  • Improves the taste of coffee, tea, powdered drinks, soups, recipes and baby formula.
  • Meets strict standards of NSF International and WQA.
  • Culligan water systems are third-party certified to perform as promised and are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

*Impurities may not be in your water.

  • Lead


    Lead pipes are the main contributor to high lead levels...

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  • Chromium-6


    Chromium 6 is suspected of being a carcinogen...

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  • Chlorine Smell

    Chlorine Smell

    Chlorine is one of the most commonly...

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  • Salty Taste

    Salty Taste

    Water that tastes salty could be...

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  • Bitter Taste

    Bitter Taste

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  • Arsenic


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