Water Purification & Water Filtration Systems Philadelphia & South Jersey

water filtration Philadelphia & South Jersey

A Culligan Whole House Water Filter is a powerful water purification solution for filtering out the impurities that affect your water.  Culligan’s water filter systems can help:

  • Reduce sediment, chlorine, iron, acid, sulfur and other impurities
  • Provide cleaner drinking water that is odor-free, with no rotten egg smell
  • Reduce stains on clothes, sinks and fixtures
  • Lessen corrosion in pipes and appliances
  • Purchase or rental options available 

Whole House Water Filters for Every Budget

Culligan will come to your home to test the water AT NO CHARGE to you.   Once we determine the problems (if any), we will make recommendations for the best water filter to treat your home’s water.  We can tailor solutions to meet your budget. 

Water Testing Kits

Culligan will conduct water testing to determine if you have hard water, iron in water.  We can perform well water testing as well as municipal water testing.  Learn more about our free water testing service.