PFOS & PFOA – Things you need to know

PFOS and PFOA, which were previously not well known in our community, have recently become a very important topic in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) are man-made chemicals that are used to make carpets, clothing, furniture fabrics, and, as we have recently learned, they were used as fire-fighting foam at the Willow Grove Naval air base and Johnsonville Naval air base in Warminster. The EPA has determined that if your water has over 70 parts per trillion of PFOS/PFOA, then it is considered dangerous to your health. Many companies started phasing out the use of PFOS and PFOA in the early 2000’s due to doctors finding alarming rates of the toxins in their patients’ bloodstreams. Even though most companies in the United States no longer use PFOA of PFOS during production, these toxins can still seep into your water supply from landfills where items containing these toxins were left to decompose, or in this case, from the ground surrounding the air bases. If you are exposed to unsafe levels of PFOA and PFOS over time these contaminants may cause many side effects such as birth defects, thyroid disease, liver disease, weakening of your immune system, and in some cases, they may cause cancer.

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